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Mega milk is the only real full cream milk on the market because we don't remove any cream from the milk.It's milk from the cow straight to your table, and as result, children love it because real full cream is really tasty.

We make sure that we give you the best quality milk and yogurt at the best price. We are a diary company that's convenient for you and flexible to your requirements.


So what does Mega Milk  offer?

Full Cream Milk

Mega Full Cream milk is rich in both proteins and calcium, hence, good for your child's growth


Mega Yogurt comes in different flavors including plain, Strawberry, Vanilla and the latest addition Blueberry


Order before 6pm and we can deliver the next morning. Deliveries are made to a shop, hotel, restaurant, office and (any order of 10 liters and above) to your house.

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FAQs about Mega Milk

Mega milk is processed by Ms Premier Dairies Ltd in partnership with Uganda Industrial Research Institute. We are located at Plot 42A, Mukabya Road, Nakawa Industrial Area.

We maintain a chain from our farmers to our final customers. The farmers deliver the milk to our Milk Collection Centres. When the milk is delivered at the Centre, it is subjected to a test to ensure that we receive the best quality milk. If milk that doesn’t pass the test is rejected and the farmer is informed why the milk was rejected so that they don’t repeat the same mistake. At the Milk Collection Centre, the milk is chilled up to 4 degrees centigrade. Thereafter, the milk is transported to the processing factory in a milk tanker which maintains the standard temperature of not more than 8 degrees centigrade. At the factory, the milk is again tested in our laboratory to ensure that what we are going to process and deliver to our customers is the best quality which is unrivaled in the market.

After the milk has passed the test at the factory, it is then chilled again, pasteurized, homogenized and then packed. After processing, the milk is put in a cold room to chill it again to 4 degrees centigrade. After that it is delivered to the selling outlets, restaurants and hotels. We expect our customers to maintain a cold chain by keeping the milk in a fridge and ensuring that the time between buying the milk and delivering it at home doesn’t take more than an hour in order to maintain our quality standard.

We don’t remove any cream in our process, hence, our milk has a real taste of a cow’s milk. Because no cream is removed, Mega Full Cream milk is rich in both proteins and calcium, hence, good for your child’s growth. Even you the adult you need calcium in your body to maintain strong bones.

Our milk is certified by Uganda National Bureau of Standards ( UNBS) , Diary Development Authority (DDA) and the Halal Secretariat.

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